Private categories

This aspect covers the addition of private categories to public wikis. These categories would be visible to site members, and/or moderators, or administrators only. This aspect also covers the extension of site permissions to a new group, "trusted users".

User Amount pledged
RobElliott 300
Helmuti_pdorf 50
pieterh 100
leiger 50

To make a pledge for the 'Private categories' aspect, use this form and confirm your pledge by PM to pieterh. Your pledge will be checked and published within a few hours. Your pledge is a soft contract; you can cancel it at any time by using this form. When you make a pledge on an aspect, Wikidot Inc. will, after producing new functionality within that aspect, contact you and ask you to make a payment of part or all of your pledge. You may still at that stage refuse and all your pledges will be canceled.

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