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Please add the ability to login and register with an existing Steam account. Steam is a PC gaming distribution platform and community, consisting of 30 million+ active users. Gamers make up a lot of Wikidot's userbase. Many wikis here are focused on games, and this would be more easily allow new users to join.

The buttons look like:

sits_large_border.png sits_large_noborder.png sits_small.png

Many sites are supporting this already, and it's very difficult/impossible to compete with them, based on this alone.

More info and implementation info @ http://steamcommunity.com/dev

If OpenID logins are the future, it would be good if each site could specify the options that will be available on a per-site basis, instead of showing them a whole page of choices. For example, I know certain groups wouldn't want to share their Facebook info, but would be happy to provide their Steam or Google logins.


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