This is the Roadmap Project

It was inspired by a blog posting about how to give Wikidot users a greater say over the future of this service. The goals of this project were to create a user-driven roadmap for Wikidot's ongoing and future development. The Roadmap Project consisted of aspects which were specific feature request, or a general directions in which Wikidot should go. You coould pledge amounts from $50 and up. Read the About page for more details.

The Roadmap project isn't actively used any longer. Feel free to add pledges but note that they'll probably be ignored.

Aspects with pledges







Aspects without pledges

An easier experience for all users
This aspect covers everything that makes life easier for new users, including: point-and-click editor with basic formatting, one-step image upload, styles for page layouts (e.g. 2 columns), help on more complex syntaxes (like modules), simpler registration, open site membership, 1-click page delete, and so on. (Make a pledge)
Create a 'Facebook Connect' joining option for Wikidot
I'd really, really like to have the aspect developed for the option to have Facebook Connect for people you want to invite to your Wiki site. (Make a pledge)
Individual Site Usernames
Being able to set your username for individual sites would be helpful due to the fact that your wikidot username may be different from your username in different communities that you would like to host with a wikidot website. Possible way of doing this would be to have a "set username" setting in my account under member sites, admin sites, etc. (Make a pledge)
Login/Register with STEAM
Please add the ability to login and register with an existing Steam account. Steam is a PC gaming distribution platform and community, consisting of 30 million+ active users. Gamers make up a lot of Wikidot's userbase. Many wikis here are focused on games, and this would be more easily allow new users to join. (Make a pledge)
Syntax highlighting
Syntax highlighting would make the creation of pages faster and easier by colouring the various syntax elements. It would also help bug discovery and streamlining code. (Make a pledge)
"Template:" Built into Newpage Module
Pretty self-explanatory; an alternative to having an extra template page and a newpage module attribute would be adding the "template:" (not live templates, or ":_template") page content into module. It might look like this: (Make a pledge)
User groups
This aspect covers the creation of user groups within a site. Groups are about identity, not access rights (at least at this stage). The goal of groups is to allow several people to work as a single visible user, without having to login under the same user id. (Make a pledge)
Add a new aspect to the Roadmap
Important: please read all existing aspects before creating a new one. Keep your description short, and limited to one paragraph. An aspect is not a design. We may review and edit or delete aspects for clarity, brevity, and relevance.
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